Look out world!

My ambitions, aged 10.5:


Ok they are my ‘Abitions’ but whatever.

The closest I have been to achieving any of these to date was a cruel defeat in the final of the Small Schools 8’s a few months after this was written back in 1995. Unbelievable; one of their goals was miles offside.

Starting on 27th April 2015, more or less two decades on, I will be attempting a variation on the theme of ambition number three:

I will cross Europe, Russia, Mongolia, China and SE Asia & Australia by train. I hope to earn enough along the way to come home via Latin America, the US and Canada.

This account of my journey will serve 2 main purposes:

1) Keep family, friends and any other interested parties updated
2) Keep a permanent record of my adventures

Check back for more updates soon!